YouHab Hotel

Thank you for playing YouHab!
YouHab was made with a lot of love ♥

Cosmic 2.0.0

Thanks to Raizer and Metus

And all YouHab's ♥

YouHab Help Tool

Ten golden rules of YouHab

  1. No insults
  2. No bullying
  3. No racism
  4. No scripting
  5. No spamming other retro communities
  6. Do not share any personal informations with other users
  7. No bug using. If you find a bug you must report it to the Staff and we will fix it as soon as possible
  8. Never be rude with Staff (and other users of course), it's not accepted
  9. Do not ask to be a Staff Member. When there are free places you can apply through the official forms
  10. Say bad things about the Hotel and our community is forbidden. If you don't like it, there are other communities out there

If you don't respect our rules you may be muted or banned. The Staff reserves the right to permanently ban an account without notice.

All the rules may change without notice.