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Survive to the Island

Room name: [OFF] Survive to the Island [OFF]
Owner: Nasah
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Game rules and info:

The game "Survive to the Island" is one of the oldest games ever played in Habbo’s retro server but also one of the most beautiful.

Each player has its own number of lands that can be removed, stolen, earned and even joined together! Everyone has to roll a dice and get a random number. For each number there’s an effect that may also kick a player from the game immediately (you can find a complete effects list below). Whoever survives to the end with at least one piece of land wins, while all the opponents have fallen ruinously into the water.

  1. Out: the player is out.
  2. Steal the Island: the player steals a piece of island from another player.
  3. Eliminate an opponent: the player chooses an opponent to be eliminated.
  4. Add an Island: the player add another piece to his island.
  5. Alliance: the player chooses an opponent and make an alliance with him and join his island with the other player.
  6. Safe: the player is safe for this turn.